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industrial power of tgv
What started off with Sree Rayalaseema Alkalis and Allied chemicals, the flagship company of the TGV group, is now expanding at an astounding rate. The TGV group of companies leads in various sectors including marine industries, which puts us on an international platform
pharma healthcare of tgv
Brilliant Bio Pharma Pvt Ltd of the TGV group was the pioneer in the country in the production of Caustic Soda. TGV Pharma is the key producer of Sodium Methoxide and Sodium Hydride. TGV Pharma’s strength lies in the ample production of Sodium Hydroxide and Hydrogen gas.

financial security of tgv
The TGV group of companies leads the arena of power and infrastructure development with three of their best companies. Sree Rayalaseema Hi-strength Hypo Ltd is the only Indian manufacturer of Calcium Hypochlorite. All of our companies stand out in their respective fields.
hospitality education of tgv
Creating benchmarks in all walks of life, TGV’s Gowri Gopal Hospitals Pvt Ltd has graduated from a secondary hospital to a state-of-the-art multispecialty hospital through hard work and dedication. TGV group has a College of Physiotherapy and nursing as well.